Hi! Welcome to Cactus Comics’ Misadventures of a Comic Fan. I’m Evad Sdrawkcab. Well, that’s my pen name anyway. Why a pen name? To make a long story short, I started out on some comic forums using the name Evad because there are a ton of Daves out there. Then I began contributing to a comic podcast called Marvel Noise and referred to myself as Backwards Dave there so people would be able to connect who I was on the podcast with who I was on the forums. So, Backwards Dave or Evad Sdrawkcab has become how I’m known. There’s a little fun it it as well.

Enough about me, let’s talk about this webcomic. It began as a series of gag illustrations intended to give some friends a giggle. It’s evolved into something a little more. At this point it’s about the intersection of science fiction and science fact. Or at least popular understanding of it. M-Theory, String Theory, Dark Matter, Alternate Universes, Theology, and on and on, all lead us to believe that there might be other dimensions out there. Worlds very similar to our own, but where different choices have been made creating divergent realities. Maybe the scientific properties or laws of Physics are even different. Understanding the implications of the things many physicists theorize is confusing and has led to some very interesting fiction over the years. Schrodinger’s cat is a great example of how confusing these theories can get. Comics have made use of many of these ideas for decades. Misadventures of a Comic Fan is no different in that regard. The story plops the main characters right into the middle of it all, trying to make sense of what is real and what is not. Since science has a very fluid perception of reality, the story will reflect that. My understanding of all this… stuff is imperfect. I’m not a scientist, so as my understanding changes, so will the foundations of the story. Fear not, though, I’ll write it into the story.

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