As I’m getting back into the grove of things, I’ll be a little late with the new page. It’s mostly inked, with one panel to go. I expect I’ll have the page posted some time this weekend. In the meantime, let’s talk about some good comics. I just finished reading Mid-Life by Joe Ollmann. This book is described as semi-autobiographical with alterations in the real events from his life occurring where he felt like making them. Although I don’t entirely share Joe’s life experiences I found the book to be a fun read. Having recently turned forty I could relate to some of what he was saying but I will saying he (or his character) spent a lot more time dwelling on turning forty and seemed to be experience age very differently. He sounds older than how I feel, if that makes any sense. Despite that, I enjoyed reading the book and found myself missing the Joe I came to know when the book was over. It definitely has a target audience though, which the title clearly spells out. I think if I were in my twenties I would probably have had difficulty relating to the character. So, if you’re somewhere in the middle of your life and find yourself dwelling on your age, grab this book, you’ll have fun sharing your miseries with Joe.