So, if you’ve been wondering why updates have been so excessively sparse of late. Okay, I won’t sugar coat it, updates have been pretty non existent. I’ve been working on a story for the 11 O’Clock Comics anthology. Most of you reading this are probably aware of the project, but if you aren’t it’s a comic anthology for charity, the specifics can be found on Although the Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, there is a little less than a week left if you’d like to contribute to this worthwhile cause. I did a 6 page story for anthology, and was working with a variety of media. The size of the original pages often 18×24 inches and some panels were done in ink washes. Some pages had to be done in chucks because the surface I was working on changed.

Mixed Media, scratchboard, ink, pencil, marker, pen

Page 1 is a perfect example of this because I wanted to do the establishing view of the space station in scratchboard. Two panels are done in pencil, one in ink wash and one in pen and marker.

Page two was done almost entirely in ink washes.

Ink wash, marker and pen

It’s all finished and submitted now, so I should be able to get back to Misadventures of a Comic Fan!
Thanks for your patience and understanding.