I believe Tuesday, March 31 marks the series 48th episode or the equivalent of 2 issues of printed comics. At some point I will try publishing, but haven’t quite decided on format yet. Right now, I think the print version will have color. I’ve been going back and working on color pallettes and doing some coloring of the early pages and am really enjoying how that’s turning out. I’ve got a huge backlog of pages to do and the coloring takes almost as long as it does to actually draw and ink the page. The hardest part is keeping my crayons sharpened. I might have to get an intern for that. As the 48th episode goes online, I’m actually finishing the 72nd page, which means there’s a good bit of story still coming your way. Anyway, if you’re reading the series and enjoying it, let me know if you’d like to see a print version. My email is Cactus.comics@yahoo.com. You can also post comments here on the site.