I thought after I finished my grad work I would jump right back into work on this comic and start pounding out pages. I didn’t count on feeling totally burnt out. I’ve done plenty of comic pages since, but for whatever reason, haven’t been able to bring myself back to working on something that has a deadline. I actually have the next page in this story ready to be colored and lettered, but feel like if I’m diving back into that I need to really make sure to hit my deadlines. I’m not quite ready for that. I’m enjoying time where I can work as I please, don’t have to worry about the stress of getting something done by a certain time and just be. I’m still working on the print version of the completed work, making sure it’s all colored the same. I also completed a comic over the summer called “Saucy Jesus” that should be ready to print shortly. I’ll have an 8 page story appearing in the second 11 O’Clock Comics Anthology, set to debut C2E2 this spring. Right now, with “Saucy Jesus” complete, I’ve started work on a “Nuclear Family” comic, with plans to do a one shot about some of the other Misadventures characters down the road. I will get back to Misadventures of a Comic Fan soon, and I apologize for the delay, I’m just enjoying a break for now. In the meantime, I’ll begin posting thoughts and updates here to get back into the routine.
See you soon.